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About Us

The Green Woman based in Shropshire, England are the creators of Fit Pit natural deodorant.

We homemake our own 100% organic, natural, vegan products. We believe in driving social change to support a greener more sustainable future. We actively support many positive initiatives and 10% of our profits will be donated to work against climate change.

Skin Care made with love and a conscience

We are developing skincare alternatives that are 100% organic. They contain no Parabens, BPAs, Aluminium Salts or any other nasties of any kind.

Our focus is on developing products that are better for you and really work. We don’t use bulking agents or any unnecessary ingredients and our products are pure and organic, so a little goes a long way. Meaning we can use less packaging too. We never use plastic and our packaging will always be reusable, then recyclable or compostable. 

We are a vegan company. We don't test on animals, we never have, never will. We're against animal testing and the use of any animal products including beeswax and we're also palm oil and plastic free, as we care about the animals in the forests and the seas too.

The Founders

The Green Woman Limited was founded in 2013 by two sisters Eve Carnall and Suzanne Loudwill.

Eve: 'Every time we harm our environment we steal from our future. As we transition our culture to a future without fossil fuels, I am delighted to be able to make products that are needed, and that have a lower environmental impact. Change the business not the climate.’

Eve has a Chemistry Degree and a Masters in Environmental Decision making. Having worked in pollution control for many years she left her job to try and find ways of tackling the systemic problems we face rather than the symptoms. She became involved in climate change and social equality work in the UK and Canada and became interested in alternative forms of economics. During this time she reduced her consumption and stopped using mainstream cosmetic products. She began making her own natural alternatives for the basics she needed. She now devotes all her time to The Green Woman and campaigning against climate change.

Suzanne: ‘Since becoming Mum of two, I’ve come to be far more aware of what I’m putting on my body and that of my family. I’ve found it difficult to find synthetic free alternatives and even harder to find something which doesn’t come with environmental impact. We have started The Green Woman to make ethical skincare accessible and to show that it is possible to make a difference and still be a great Mum.’

Suzanne has a Visual Communication Degree specializing in Digital and Graphic Design. She worked in online for many years, focusing on User Experience, before taking a career break to have a family. Suzanne has an active interest in sustainabilty and permaculture and she now devotes her time between this, her family and The Green Woman.

Supporting Green Projects

We are active supporters of many projects including:

Reclaim Power an anti-fracking campaign - we were at Balcombe in 2013 and in 2014 we helped organise the ANTI-FRACKING ACTION CAMP in Blackpool.

The Buzz Tour supporting a future without Fossil Fuels - 1300 mile walking tour across the length of England organised by our Founder Eve.

Breast Cancer UK - Breast Cancer UK works to save lives and reduce breast cancer rates by tackling the environmental and chemical causes of the disease. We support their work by helping to fundraise and help spread the message about cancer prevention and the importance of reducing exposure to harmful chemicals. Unlike other many cancer charities they never fund research that uses animals.

  • About us

    The Green Woman founded by two sisters in 2013 are the creators of Fit Pit natural deodorant. Handmade in small batches in the UK. FREE FROM aluminium salts, parabens, BPAs, palm oil and petrochemicals. 100% organic, vegan and plastic free.

    We never use plastic and our packaging will always be recyclable, compostable or reusable.

    Find out more about The Green Woman.

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