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Q. Are you open over Christmas?
A. Our business will be closed from the 24th December until the 3rd January, so orders placed during this time will be dispatched when we reopen. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

Q. Why is Fit Pit natural deodorant special?
A. Natural deodorants use natural ingredients, Fit Pit deodorant not only uses natural ingredients but is also certified organic. They contain no Aluminium, Parbens, BPAs or Petrochemicals, are not tested on animals and are not packaged in plastic making it kinder for us, animals and the planet.

Q. Can I collect my order instead of having it delivered?
A. Yes, if you want to collect your order from our Ludlow Makery select the 'Pickup From Store' delivery option during the checkout process. Then please email to arrange a date and time for collection. Our Ludlow Makery is usually open Monday to Friday and the address is:

The Green Woman
Unit 18, The Rural Enterprise Centre
Eco Park Road

Q. What payment methods do you accept?
A. You can pay by credit or debit card through our Worldpay checkout, or pay via PayPal. Just select which payment option you'd prefer at check out. Alternatively our Etsy shop can take even more forms of payment including Apple Pay.

Q. How can I leave a review?
A. yes, go to the page on our website for the product you want to reivew and next to the star rating click on the link called 'Leave a review'. Scroll down and type your reivew in the space provided. Click 'Continue' and you're done.

Q. Where can I buy your products?
A. Fit Pit natural deodorant is now available to buy online here or at Etsy. They are also be available to buy via selected Organic markets, Fairs, and local and online stockists. If you would like to be kept up to date please follow us on Facebook.

Q. Do you charge VAT on orders sent to the Channel Islands?
A. No, orders delivered to the Channel Islands have zero VAT, because the Channel Islands are not part of the UK for VAT purposes. If you are sending an order to the Channel Islands please select the relevant island as the country when completing the delivery address. Orders delivered to the UK have standard VAT, so Channel Islands residents sending an order to a UK address will be charged VAT.

Q. Have you put your prices up?
A. The Green Woman has kept its prices the same since 2014, but we registered for VAT on the 1st February 2019, so all our prices now include VAT, plus a small amount to reflect how our own costs have risen with inflation.

Q. Why has your postage price gone up?
A. Our postage costs reflect what Royal Mail charge, because they have raised their prices over the last couple of years we have had to raise our price too.

Q. What does Certified Organic mean?
A. Certified organic beauty products contain ingredients that have been grown on organic farms. Organic is a way of farming that works with nature, delivering many benefits for wildlife, society and the natural world. Certified organic farmers and businesses work to a strict set of standards. For more information please take a look at our Celebrating COSMOS Organic Certification blog.

Q. How long is the shelf life for Fit Pit and how should it be stored?
A. Fit Pit should be stored in a cool dark place to keep it at its best. In periods of very hot weather Fit Pit can be placed in the fridge - allow to soften slightly at room temp before use. Fit Pit has a use-by of 12 months, and if you aren't planning to use it straight away, keeping it in the fridge until you are ready to use it will keep it at its best.

Q. Can I return the glass jars so they can be reused?
A. Yes, we have a Jar Returns Scheme.

Q. Why do you genderise your Fit Pit Man and Fit Pit Woman scents?
A. We gave it a great deal of thought before gender labelling anything as it’s not our preferred choice. When Fit Pit was in development we did a lot of research. The vast majority of men we spoke to said that to buy a deodorant from ‘The Green Woman’ they would need it to be clearly labelled for ‘men’. Fit Pit Man was developed with extra sweat protection, and we designed the overall scent to appeal to most men. Fit Pit Woman has been designed with a blend of essential oils that help balance women’s hormones, and we’ve had lots of women report that it helps during menopause, and for hot flushes as well. It also has added Aloe Vera to help soothed shaved skin. We do have customers that buy the ‘opposite gender’ Fit Pit and we celebrate that. All our other scents are gender neutral, as there’s no reason for them not to be.

Q. Who is The Green Woman?
A. The Green Woman Ltd is a company that was founded in England in 2013 by two sisters Eve Carnall and Suzanne Carnall.

Q. Which Green Projects do you support?
A. Our co-founder Eve dedicates part of her time to projects against Climate Change and Suzanne's focus is permaculture and sustainabilty, The Green Woman helps to support this work. A minimum of 10% of our profits will be donated to Projects against Climate Change. Find out more on our About Us page or visit our Blog.

Q. Can The Green Woman Support my Green Project?
A. We are always happy to hear about any Green Project, and will help where ever we can. Please email

Q. Can antibiotics or antibacterial wash interfere with how your Fit Pit deodroant works?
A. Yes they can. Antibotics destroy your body's good bacteria as well as the bad. Your skin is covered in good bacteria which is vital for health. Our Fit Pit deodorant prevents the smell causing bacteria from thriving. Whist taking antibiotics you may find that your good bacteria levels are disrupted and you may need to wash under your arms more or apply Fit Pit more regularly. Antibacterial washes used under the arms can similarly disrupt your natural balance of good bacteria. Once the course of Antibiotics has finished and your natural levels of healthly bacteria have re-established on your skin you can continue using Fit Pit as normal.

Q. Is it possible to be sensitive to any ingredients even though they are organic?
A. Yes, it is possible to be sensitive or allergic to natural and organic ingredients. Our Fit Pit deodorant contains a mineral salt called bicarbonate of soda, it is rare but a small number of people are sensitive to it and might experience redness or soreness. Unfortunately for these people Fit Pit won't be suitable.

Q. I left my Fit Pit somewhere warm and it has melted, is it still effective?
A. Fit Pit is freshly made with all natural ingredients and no preservatives, so if it fully melts the shelf life will be greatly reduced. If the appearance and smell have changed we do not recommend continuing to use it. To keep your Fit Pit at its best, please keep it cool and out of direct sunlight.

Q. Does Fit Pit make yellow stains on white clothes?
A. Fit Pit shouldn't stain at all as you use only a very small amount and its absorbed directly on to the skin. Occasionally people that have used antiperspirants in the past can find their pits detoxing when switching to a natural deodorant. As the sweat glands are no longer blocked they sweat out toxins that have built up. This detox usually only lasts a short while.

Q. How do I make a complaint?
A. If there is something you are not entirely satisfied with, please contact and we will try our best to make it right.

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    We never use plastic and our packaging will always be recyclable, compostable or reusable.

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