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Celebrating COSMOS Organic Certification
The Green Woman is delighted to have received our organic certification with the Soil Association COSMOS Beauty and Wellbeing scheme. We want to share with you the journey we made to get certified and what it means.
Tips for a Switch to Slow Fashion
Our hero Greta Thunburg is highlighting the need to reject fast fashion. Our Co-Founder Eve is a long-term charity shop addict and she shares her tips for enjoying the switch to slow fashion.
Where there's a will there's a way - Eve’s Buy Local Challenge
I’ve finished my Buy Local challenge but despite the many benefits I’m surprised at how easy it is to slip back into bad habits. Here’s a roundup of things I’ve learned and what I hope to be able to take forward.
Leading the fight against single use plastics
We caught up with Anything But Plastic founder Jenny Derry about her vision behind the company and what we can all do tho support Plastic Free July.
Where does your plastic waste go?
The UK is the EU’s largest plastic waste producer. The plastic recycling system around the world is broken, so when you put that piece of plastic, ever so hopefully in your recycling bin, what actually happens to it?
Chemical Loading - Do We Really Know What’s Building up in our Bodies?
Many of us use around a dozen different cosmetics products in a day. Synthetic chemicals in cosmetics not only pose a risk to us, but they also harm the environment during manufacture and when they are washed off, or disposed of.
Permaculture at The Green Woman
Permaculture comes originally from Permanent Agriculture and is based on sustainability and regeneration. We want to tell you why we use the Permaculture Principles in our business.
We’re all About the Green Swaps - Are You?
We asked the lovely members of our team to take a closer look at what they do at home, and suggest other like-minded companies whose products they love...
Snail slime, animal pee, hair? What’s lurking in your beauty bag?
Sounds like some kind of witches brew doesn’t it? But actually these animal-by products are used widely in skin care, makeup, and hair care products.
Let's talk about...FOOD WASTE
There are apps that can help you get access to or share surplus food - OLIO - Share More, Waste Less and togoodtogo are both great tools for sharing food locally. Share more, waste less!
Possibly the best natural deodorant review ever!
Possibly the best Fit Pit natural deodorant review of all time - Read the full review here.
The Global Climate Strike 2019
The Green Woman is joining the strike for the climate this Friday 20thSeptember and will be CLOSED FOR BUSINESS. We are offering our staff a paid day to attend a demonstration and get involved with climate change campaigning.
Stockist interview - Locavore
The next stockist Eve visited was Locavore grocery store and cafe in Glasgow. A social enterprise focused on providing environmentally responsible food and products.
The Green Woman interviews Anything But Plastic
Over the next year our Co-founder Eve will be visiting the amazing stockists of The Green Woman around the country. The first stop is Anything But Plastic.
Is Aluminium still hiding in your natural deodorant?
Many people have made the switch to a natural deodorant over concerns of the exposure to aluminum. However aluminium can still be found in some deodorants that are considered ‘natural’.
Using reclaimed materials for your business - Part 2
Using reclaimed materials for your business can just be a case of seeing waste differently. Here we turn a surplus of 'waste' into an opportunity. Change the business not the climate.
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