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Meat consumption linked to cancer and what this means for Breast Cancer prevention
In 2015 The World Health Organisation (WHO) classified processed meats such as salami and ham as class 1 carcinogens and red meat as class 2a - a 'probable' cause of cancer. Breast Cancer UK tells us more.
Detoxing your body from the outside in
If you are considering a detox take a moment to consider what is going on your body as well as in it - The average woman in the UK could be exposed to over 150 chemicals a day, ranging from their toiletries and cosmetics to cleaning products.
DIY uses for your shredded paper - Part 1
We use reclaimed newspapers, magazines, catalogues and junk mail and shred them to make packing material for posting, in place of plastics and bubble wrap. Here are a couple of great garden uses for shredded paper...
How to use reclaimed materials for your business - Part 1
Buying new materials for your business might seem like the easiest option and maybe it seems like the only option, but at The Green Woman we have shown that with a little perseverance it is possible to use reclaimed materials.
Saving Hotel jam jars from landfill
The Green Woman is reclaiming used jam and condiments jars from local hotels and giving them a second life
Meet The Founders
The Green Woman was founded by two sisters Eve Carnall and Suzanne Loudwill in 2013
Fit Pit Woman and Fit Pit Man launch
Following the success of Fit Pit Sensitive we have just launched two new Fit Pit natural deodorants with added essential oils, one for Women and one for Men.
About The Buzz Tour
The Buzz Tour was organised by our Co-Founder Eve and was a four month walking tour supporting people and projects protecting the environment. The Buzz Tour walked 1300 miles in summer 2014 across the length and breadth of England.
Why Natural Deodorant?
Having a good quality deodorant for any adult is probably the one product that they wouldn't do with out, and so here we feel is the best place to start to make a positive change.
Packaging at The Green Woman
We don't believe that packaging should be made disposable and we never use plastic. We strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible.
The Green Woman Mission
The Green Woman believes in driving social change to support a greener more sustainable future.
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    The Green Woman founded by two sisters in 2013 are the creators of multi-award winning Fit Pit natural deodorant and Green Cream moisturisers. Handmade in small batches in the UK. FREE FROM aluminium salts, parabens, BPAs, palm oil and petrochemicals. Certified organic, 100% natural, vegan and plastic free.

    We never use plastic and our packaging will always be recyclable, compostable or reusable.

    Find out more about The Green Woman.

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